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Buy With Confidence
Trading Standards Approved

Make A Complaint

Our businesses have all made a commitment to trading in a fair, honest and legal manner with customer friendly service as a priority. We appreciate your comments about our businesses and would ask that you leave any feedback about the products or service you received, good or bad, using the ‘Rate a Business’ tool; all feedback received is monitored by the authority responsible for managing the businesses’ membership.

However we appreciate that very occasionally things may go wrong and your experience may give rise to a complaint.


resolver2While Buy With Confidence may be able to step in and mediate if an issue has become intractable, you should first attempt to resolve the issue directly with the business. If you aren’t sure of the best way to go about this, we’ve teamed up with Resolver to help you find out your rights, frame your complaint and communicate with the business you are having a problem with.

Resolver has one simple aim: to resolve your issues by collaboration rather than confrontation. It is a free, independent online issue-resolution service that helps you get results by making complaining quick and straightforward, creating one place and one process to deal with any customer service issue.

Resolver puts control firmly in your hands.

The system knows what sort of language is appropriate for every complaint type, who to send it to, and when to escalate the issue. Resolver is built on comprehensive research into complaints procedures, including consultation with regulators, government departments, ombudsmen and consumer rights organisations.

If at the end of the Resolver process your complaint is still not resolved, it can be escalated to Buy With Confidence, where a Trading Standards Officer will assess it and may provide informal mediation.

Please click this link to take you to the Buy With Confidence area of the Resolver website.

Further Resources

If you cannot use the Resolver system; the business you have a problem with is refusing to communicate with you; you have a particularly unusual complaint; or you have already used the business’ own complaints procedure and are still unsatisfied, you can contact us directly.

The Buy With Confidence ‘Make a Complaint’ form should be used in instances where you have attempted to resolve any issues you have with a business (such as using the Resolver system), but you feel a member business has breached the terms and conditions of the Buy With Confidence Scheme and you wish to make the managing authority aware.

Please click here to access the ‘Make a Complaint’ form.

If you require individual civil advice about your contract with a member business please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506 – your enquiry can be viewed by Trading Standards.

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