Buy With Confidence is operated solely by local authority Trading Standards services. This means all checking and monitoring of business is done directly by them, not by third parties or private companies.

Buy With Confidence is the only nationally available business approval scheme that’s 100% owned, controlled and operated by independent public sector bodies.

Avoid rogue traders and support those who’ve publicly committed to operating in a legal, honest and fair way by using Buy With Confidence Trading Standards Approved businesses.

All the businesses listed on this website have been vetted, approved and continue to be monitored by Trading Standards, to help ensure you receive a quality service. Businesses are only included once they’ve completed a series of stringent checks, including a visit by a qualified Trading Standards professional. Those working in and around people’s homes will also be criminal record checked.

Buy With Confidence is a national register of Trading Standards Approved businesses run independently by local authority Trading Standards departments. Over 60 local authorities directly support the scheme – from Cornwall to Stirling (find a full list here) – having decided that Buy With Confidence offers the strong consumer protection that they think is vital. Find out more about the scheme and the benefits of using one of our businesses here.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that members comply with the law we cannot guarantee that their work will never give rise to a complaint – please click Read More to find out about the scheme’s limitations