Buy With Confidence 4 Care

We know that finding a care provider, either for yourself or a loved one, can be a stressful process. It is a big decision and an important purchase, so you want to be certain that the provider you choose will deliver a good service.

In response to this the Buy With Confidence scheme now extends to cover businesses in the care sector.

Buy With Confidence in this area is not meant to be an endorsement of care standards, as that is the role of the CQC (Care Inspectorate in Scotland or the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales).  However, as in other sectors, Buy With Confidence is aimed at identifying good businesses which recognise and comply with consumer protection legislation and offer good customer service.

These businesses must meet all the Buy With Confidence requirements and go through the same detailed vetting procedure.  In addition, they must have a minimum CQC rating of good, be cleared by their local Adult Social Care department and (where applicable) have a food hygiene rating of 4 or above.

Only if all the scheme requirements are met will a business be granted membership, and their conduct will continue to be monitored thereafter. We cannot promise that a Buy With Confidence member will be perfect every time, but you can expect any problems to be dealt with fairly by the business, and you can turn to Trading Standards for advice in the event of an unresolved issue.

Currently Buy With Confidence membership is only available for care providers in the Hampshire and Bath and North East Somerset areas, but we are hoping to roll it out further soon.